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Flickr Photo Galleries / Flickr Albums

Flickr Photo Galleries Index


Fund Raiser Events

Africa Appeal Fundraisers Dinner – 2013

Luke Batty Fundraiser at Beaches – May 2014


How To Guides

How To Find Your Photo

How To Save Photos from Flickr


How To Do Camera Settings

How To Do ISO Settings

How To Do Aperture Settings

How To Do Shutter Speed Settings

How To Do Camera White Balance

How To Do Exposure and Use Manual Settings

How To Do Flash Photography

How To Do Photo Composition

How To Do Female Portrait Photography

How To Do Photo Booth

How To Photoshop Animals

How To Do Beach Photos

How To Film Underwater

How To Do Sports Photos

How To Do Panorama Photos

How to Make Photo Collages

How to Make Border Frames on Photos

How To Make Old Style Sepia Brown Photos

How to do Selective Coloring

How to Use Adobe Camera Raw

How to use Adobe Lightroom for Sunsets

How to do Black and White Images in Adobe Lightroom

How to do Concert Photos in Adobe Lightroom

How to use a Polariser Filter

How to use Adobe Premiere for Making Movies

How To Stabilize Video

How to Do Video Intros and Rolling Credits

How To Make a Compilation YouTube Mashup Video in Adobe Premiere CC

How to Use the “Filmora” Video Editor

How to Make a Photo Slideshow Video

How to Align with Clients – Video Production Checklist

How to Make a Live Music Promo Video

Using Vintage Minolta AF Prime Lenses on Sony Cameras


Nature Photos

Autumn With My Nieces

Maroondah Reservoir


People Photos

Aaron’s 30th Birthday Party

Birthday Party Pictures

Mel’s 18th Birthday Party

People Photos at Beaches

Robyn’s Birthday Party

Rozzie’s Karaoke Birthday Party

Venue Photos Taken at Beaches of Mornington – Flickr


Music and Band Photos

Adam and Casey at the Berwick Inn

Appetite for Destruction at Gary Bradshaw Fundraiser

Australian Bon Jovi Tribute Band at The Espy

Australian INXS Tribute Band at The Espy

Cuckoo For Caca at The Espy – June 2014

Dirt River Radio at The Elsternwick Hotel

Fudge at Beaches of Mornington – April 2014

Jessica Jade at Revolver Upstairs – September 2014

Kisstroyer at Sandbelt Hotel – July 2014

Momentum at Beaches of Mornington – April 2014

Morgan Evans at Revolver Upstairs – June 2014

Morgan Evans at Revolver Upstairs – September 2014

Munster Terrace at Beaches of Mornington – May 2014

Random Play at The Karma Bar – April 2014

Shed Zeppelin at The Espy

Single Income at Beaches – April 2014

Single Income at Beaches – May 2014

Size Matters at Beaches – April 2014

Size Matters at One Fourteen – May 2014

Takin Cover at PBH Day

The Australian INXS Show at Trak Lounge – June 2014

The Australian Queen Tribute Show at The Dingley

The Doors of Perception – Doors Tribute Band

The Doors Show at Trak

The Party Animals at Beaches

Thirsty Merc at Morning Star Estate

Two Phase at Beaches


Special Events

Johnny’s Christening


Sporting Events

2014 Victorian Teachers Games


Video Productions

Photos By Passy Video Productions

Music and Special Events Photography and Video