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Welcome to the PBP “How To” / FAQ Page. 

This page has Tips and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

It will tell you how to do most things you need to do while on our site, as well as offering photo tips and free tutorials in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects, and other Creative Cloud Applications.

Scroll down this page to find the item you need, or go to our Index Page and browse through the “How To Guides” section.

How To Find your Photo

How To Save Photos from Flickr

How To Do Photo Composition

How To Do Female Portrait Photography

How To Do Photo Booth

How to use a Polariser Filter

How to Make Photo Collages

How To Do Beach Photos

How To Film Underwater


DSLR Camera Tutorials


How To Do Camera Settings

How To Do ISO Settings

How To Do Aperture Settings

How To Do Shutter Speed Settings

How To Do Camera White Balance

How To Combine Camera Exposure Settings

How To Do Flash Photography

How To Do Sports Photos

How To Do Panorama Photos

How to Use Minolta AF Prime Lenses on Sony Cameras


Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

How To Photoshop Animals

How to Make Border Frames on Photos

How To Make Old Style Sepia Brown Photos

How to do Selective Coloring

How to Use Adobe Camera Raw


Adobe Lightroom Tutorials

How to use Adobe Lightroom for Sunsets

How to do Black and White Images in Adobe Lightroom

How to do Concert and Music Photos in Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Premiere Tutorials

How to use Adobe Premiere for Making Movies

How to Do Video Intros and Rolling Credits

How To Make a Compilation YouTube Mashup Video in Adobe Premiere CC

How To Stabilize Video


Filmora Tutorials

How to Use the “Filmora” Video Editor

How to Make a Photo Slideshow Video


Business Tutorials

How to Align with Clients – Video Production Checklist

How to Make a Live Music Promo Video

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