People at Beaches

Everybody loves having their photo taken by Passy !

Currently Photos by Passy has ongoing work doing Venue Photos for Beaches of Mornington.

The brief is to get plenty of Party People pictures for the venue’s Facebook page, in between doing Band Photos.

Beaches is a nightlife venue in Melbourne, and has an older crowd who love to listen and dance to live music.

Most people are happy to have their photo taken, and many of them have a great eye for the camera, and require no posing, which makes getting the shots easy.

Where all the work is when the Photos are post-processed, and a lot of air brushing, and removal of background items and people is required. This is very time consuming, but the results and the thanks we receive from people next time we see them at the Venue makes it all worthwhile.


A full Flickr Gallery of Photos can be viewed at this link:

Flickr Photo Gallery of People at Beaches


If you find a photo you would like to download or save from the Beaches Flickr Album, then click on the following link for step by step instructions on how to do this.

How to Download and Save Photos from Flickr


Further information about Beaches can be found on their Website:

Beaches of Mornington Website



Sony Alpha A-77II
Sony 16-50mm SSM F2.8
Sony HVL-F43M Flash
Gary Fong Gamma Blade Diffuser

Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5

Party People shots are taken at ISO 800 to ISO 1600, with aperture priority used, so that aperture of 4.5 or 5.0 or 5.6 can be used for group shots to try and get everyone in focus. Individual or Groups of two shots are taken at an Aperture of F2.8 or slightly higher.

There is very time consuming post processing in Photoshop removing wrinkles, crows, feet, sunspots and freckles, as this is an older age venue, and flash is very unforgiving. In addition there are often photo bombers, or drunk people being very silly, who need to be blurred out or removed from the background of some photos.



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