Morgan Evans – June 2014

Morgan Evans is a great Australian Country Rocker who is destined for International stardom.

We were lucky enough to have a break in our schedule when we found out that he was in Melbourne, and the regular in-house photographer at the venue was ill and they needed someone to do photos. What a Lucky Break!

We first saw Morgan in early 2013 at the Deniliquin Easter Festival and were totally blown away by this fresh original talent.

It was so good to see him again, and hear all those great original tunes.

What was very impressive was how much time he gave to his Melbourne Fans at the post show Meet and Greet.

“Revolver Upstairs” was a great venue to host the show, and the people there are very professional and great to work with.

A full Flickr Gallery of Photos can be viewed here:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Morgan Evans at Revolver Upstairs


A Flickr Gallery of the Meet and Greet Photos can be viewed here:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Morgan Evans Melbourne Meet and Greet

Further information about Morgan Evans can be found at these Facebook Pages:

Morgan Evans Music Page

Morgan Evans Fans Facebook Page



Camera One:

Sony Alpha A-77 Camera
Tamron 17-50mm F2.8
Sony HVL-F43M Flash
Gary Fong Gamma Blade Diffuser

Camera Two:

Sony Alpha A-55 Camera
Tamron 24-70mm F2.8

As this shoot was an important event, I took my travel photographer friend Michael along, and he took photos on the A-55 with the camera set to Auto White Balance, and Auto “SCN” mode.

The A-55 was also used with the bigger Tamron lens, and it captured some very good images which have made it into the album.

The A-77 was used for all of the wide angle shots, and People Pictures taken with the flash and diffuser.

The A-77 was set to ISO’s of 800, 1250, and even up to 1600 for shots that featured both the stage and the crowd.

All shots were done in full manual mode at Aperture of 2.8 for band photos, and varying apertures up to 5.6 for the group shots using flash.

Shutter speed was set to 1/60 through to 1/125.

Unfortunately there is a blueish almost Avatar Movie hue in several photos, which I assume is due to me not getting the color “white balance” fully correct.

I used the A-77 WB setting of “Incandescent”.

I changed to Incandescent after firing off some test shots with WB set to Auto or AWB. These shots did not look the best, and so I changed the setting Incandescent.

I tried using “Levels” in Photoshop to adjust the color balance but this did not seem to improve the blueish photos that much.

Shots taken with the A-77 appeared darker than they really should have been, because the venue seemed to have quite good lighting, especially when you compare to the A-55 shots, which had much better color in them.

Perhaps the darkness of the shots was due to having the white balance set incorrectly, as the lights were not at the color temperature of incandescent.

White Balance is something I really need to work on for future events, as this needs to be set up very carefully to get good accurate colors.


The previously super reliable Sony Flash decided to malfunction for some unknown reason when I started to take the “Party People” shots. For some reason it just refused to fire off.

There was a flashing green light in the display, which is an indication that the camera could not focus in the low light inside the venue. Maybe if I had put the ISO up to 1600 to trick the camera this would have made the flash come good.

I am not sure how I fixed it, but it seemed to be that with a full reboot of camera and flash, and setting the ISO to 1000, and Shutter to 1/125, everything seemed to suddenly be normal.

It was great fun shooting Morgan, and hopefully he will be back in Melbourne later this year.



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