Aarons 30th Birthday

This was a great fun 80’s Theme Fancy Dress Party at a really nice venue called “Smiles” in Warranwood.

Plenty of colourful costumes and fun times made this a great photoshoot.

A full Flickr Gallery of Photos can be viewed here:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Aaron’s 30th Birthday



Sony Alpha A-77 Camera
Tamron 17-50mm F2.8

Sony HVL-F43M Flash
Gary Fong Gamma Blade Diffuser

This shoot was reasonably straight forward, and was done entirely with Flash.

The only issue was that some of the background walls were a light grey colour, which did cause a lot of light reflection when the flash went off.

The venue also contained two huge mirrrors, and so people had to be positioned so that the mirrors would not pick up any of the flash in them.

The Sony A77 revelled in these conditions, as Sony photos love bright colours and capture them beautifully.

The Flash unit was set to Manual, and a width of 50mm used for most shots, and the power varied and shots repeated if they were too dull. This was especially the case on larger group shots which were shot at an aperture of F5.0 to get everyone in focus.

The camera was also set to full Manual Mode, “M” with ISO set at 1000, shutter speed at 1/125, and Aperture varied from 2.8 to 5.0 depending on how many people were in the Group.

Overall a great fun shoot, and the resulting photos really pleased the Client.



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