Munster Terrace – May 23

This was our first photoshoot of Munster Terrace playing at Beaches of Mornington.

These guys are all seasoned veterans, and it really showed in their slick performance of popular covers from the eighties.

Best of all they played some Angels and Deep Purple numbers, which were superbly executed, and thoroughly enjoyed by the enthusiastic crowd.

A full Flickr Gallery of Photos can be viewed here:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Munster Terrace Band May 23rd 2014

Further information about Single Income can be found at their Web Page:

Munster Terrace Website



Sony Alpha A-77 Camera
Tamron 24-70mm F2.8
Sony 35mm F1.8
Sony HVL-F43M Flash
Gary Fong Gamma Blade Diffuser
Panasonic Lumix LX7 Compact Camera

On this shoot I used the Lumix LX7 for the Non-Flash Shots of the Band with the crowd, and it is a great compact camera for low light.

However for the Band shots without flash I used the Sony F1.8 35mm Portrait Lens, and got some great shots of the drummer like the one shown at the beginning of this write up.

Flash Photography was done using a Gary Fong Blade Diffuser. It looks like a triangular cheese grater, but does a great job for Party People shots, and it is becoming my “Go To” diffuser.

I think the Blade type diffuser is slightly better than the Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffuser, but both do a great job on Party People shots.

This was a really fun shoot because there was a good crowd at the venue, and lots of people were jumping in straight away wanting their picture taken.

All shots were done with the A-77 in “M” fully manual mode, and the Sony Flash also in Manual Mode and set to “50mm” for flash beam width.



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