Autumn With My Nieces

This Autumn in Melbourne photoshoot was done on Mothers Day when my Nieces were visiting for Lunch.

The idea was to get some Autumn Leaves shots, as well as try out the Sony A-77 Multishot function, with the girls throwing leaves into the air and doing Star Jumps.

The pictures were taken late in the afternoon around 4:30pm, to obtain nice skin tones on the girls, as well as have maximum sunlight shining through the leaves.

The leaves pictures worked well, but with the multishot for the Star Jumps, about every third picture was blurry and looked out of focus. Maybe this was because the daylight was getting weaker, or perhaps I did not have something set up properly on the camera for the Multishot.


A full Flickr Gallery of the Autumn Pictures can be viewed here:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Autumn Leaves and My Nieces



Sony Alpha A-77
Tamron 24-70mm F2.8

This was my first shoot using the Multishot Function on the A-77, and apart from some photos which blurred, the results were reasonably good.

Multishot is something I need to experiment with a bit more. It might work a lot better in full daylight conditions.

The adjustable to all angles LCD screen on the A-77 is brilliant. I used it to photograph looking upwards to the sky through tree leaves on some shots. For my Nieces Star Jumps I was able to have the camera sitting on the ground, and then fully compose the shot in the tilted LCD to produce maximum jump height effect.

For the Autumn Leaves, it worked really well to shoot these in the late afternoon, when the sun was shining through the leaves on the trees, producing nice full colors.

Pictures were taken in fully Automatic Mode, and the camera produced pleasing results.

The photo taken looking directly into the sun was tricky, and it took about four attempts to get the right amount of flaring.

The vibrance of the color produced by Sony Cameras is awesome, and this is one of the main reasons I love shooting with Sony Equipment.



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