Single Income – April 2014

Single Income are extremely professional, and one of my favorite Cover Bands.

They play lots of old rocking favorites from the 80’s like The Doors, The Angels, and Bad Company.

The crowd is always up dancing and having a great time at their gigs, and the lead singer Greg is the penultimate frontman.

He wanders around with his radio mike and gets people singing, (even the staff behind the bar), and really knows how to work with a crowd.

A full Flickr Gallery of Photos can be viewed at this link:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Single Income at Beaches

Further information about Single Income can be found at their Facebook Page:

Single Income Facebook Page



Sony Alpha A-77
Sony SAL35mm F1.8 (for non flash photos)
Tamron 17-50mm F2.8
Yongnuo Speedlight YN460-II

Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 (Quite a bit of photoshopping was done).

Post Shoot Notes are much the same as the one’s for the Momentum Shoot the previous night.

– Photshopping adding Gamma Exposure for rich blacks and dramatic high contrast.

– No Flash photos done with the Sony SAL35mm F1.8 with a few usable shots obtained, but focussing in low light band shots does seem to be an issue.

– Yongnuo Flash annoying the hell out me when it doesn’t fire, just as you have everyone set up for a great “Party People” shot.

– Need to make the final photoshopped photos just a little bit brighter, as they are not quite bright enough on Mobile Phone. Even though they look “just right” on the PC with a good bright monitor.

– I still not have worked out how to eliminate white splotches on cheekbones, nose tips, and foreheads on flash shots of people; however it seems that using ISO 1250 and a bit more flash power, to make quite bright pictures helps this to some extent. I have a Gary Fong Light Sphere diffuser on order, and hope that it may spread more even soft light than the standard diffuser I currently have, and help this problem. We shall see what it is like when we first use it.

For additional Post Shoot details, read the Momentum Shoot write up here:

Momentum at Beaches – Shoot Notes

Overall I was quite happy with some of the Flash Band shots I obtained, which was greatly assisted by the band guys draping the whole stage and its sides in black cloth; Brilliant for Photos!



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