Rozzie’s Karaoke Party

This was a great fun party for Rozzie Vox’s Birthday with lots of singing and plenty of laughs.

A brilliant Karaoke system searchable on ipad provided over 6000 songs to choose from…. Totally Awesome!

I had hoped to do some “Photo Booth” shots at this Party, but people I asked were not interested in using the Props on Sticks which were available.

Next time I need to set up Photo Booth Props, in a specific area before the Party starts, and then assertively get people to have a “Photo Booth” Dress-Up picture taken as they arrive at the Party.

I have a Party coming up in the near future, where they have requested Photo Booth type pictures and I plan to get some good pictures at this event.

The plan is to use real dress up Props, as well as simple Props on sticks, and ask people to dress up, but if they do not want to do that, just say to them, “Okay, here grab some stick props and let’s do it”!

We will see how it goes, and it will be 100% up to me to make sure it goes well!

A full Flickr Gallery of Photos can be viewed here:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Rozzie’s Karaoke Party



Sony Alpha A-77 Mk II Camera
Sony 16-50mm F2.8 Kit Lens

Sony HVL-F43M Flash
Gary Fong Gamma Blade Diffuser

This shoot was a fairly straight forward “Party People” affair, with an emphasis on getting plenty of Family shots, as well as action Karaoke shots.

This meant that I had to shoot plently of pictures. Just as well I did, because intoxicated Karaoke singers pull some horrific faces while trying to get the words out!

It was not uncommon to have eight pictures of a group of people singing, and only get one or two usable shots from the eight.

Of course I got up and sang some songs, but unfortunately there was nobody I knew there that I could trust with the camera equipment to take a photo of yours truly.

Another lesson learned: Always talk to everyone at the Party while mingling, and see if anyone there knows how to use a DSLR Camera!



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