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Appetite for Destruction

AFD are a great Guns and Roses tribute Band who appeared as one of the acts at the Gary Bradshaw Fundraiser on Friday Feb 21st 2014.

Very authentic look and sound, definitely an act I need to see again!

The guitarist doing slash is Brad Cook, who is a great musician and band organiser. He also has a Doors Tribute Band called “The Doors of Perception”.

A full Flickr Gallery of Photos can be viewed at this link:

Flickr Photo Gallery of Appetite for Destruction at GBF


Further information about Appetite for Destruction can be found at their Facebook Page:

Appetite for Destruction Facebook Page



Panasonic Lumix LX7

Most shots were taken with the camera set to “Aperture Priority Mode”, with the aperture set to 1.4, and ISO of 400 to 800.

The white balance was adjusted using the Kelvin temperature scale via doing a few test shots.

The LX7 is a brilliant little compact camera that you can put into your jeans pocket and take to a gig.

It is also great as an informal portrait camera with the f1.4 giving plenty of background blur.

The F1.4 low light capabilities are great, and so much light comes into the brilliant Leica lens that you can shoot at lower ISO without any flash needed.

It is a great value camera for around $500 on the internet, and highly recommended by PBP as the ideal take anywhere compact.


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