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Tips for Getting a Great Live Performance Video

Getting the best possible video production requires the following: 
The best possible lighting and sound are required.
An acoustic drum kit which is miked up comes up much better in the video sound track than an electronic kit.
Fingerprints as well as grease and grime on guitars does not look good, dirtiness reflects in the light and is very obvious in a video.
Polished highly reflective drum cymbals which reflect plenty of light also look great.

Performers not feeling the light on their face.
If you cant feel it, we cant see you!
Please ensure you are standing in the light at all times.
However white and very light coloured clothing may be too bright in lighting. Eg. Avoid wearing White T Shirts 

Performers drinking during a song does not look professional and
produces a noticeable audience disconnect on video.

Performers chatting to each other during a song is not good
as it comes across in the video as a distinct disconnect with the Audience.

The same applies to performers talking or signalling to people who are side stage and cannot be seen by the person watching the video.

Performers wandering off to adjust knobs on Amps or Mixers or queuing up iPad lyrics during songs does not look good in a video performance product.

Smiling at each other, signalling, nodding, etc between performers is fine, but standing center stage and having a chat during a song does not look good on Video.

Singers going off stage into the crowd is not good unless there is a spotlight which follows them,  or bright house lights which get turned on. Otherwise in the video the singer just disappears into the darkness, causing a viewing audience disconnect.

Letting F-words rip while talking to the audience is not well received by many viewers of a video.

Turning your back on the audience while performing looks
like a distinct audience disconnect during video.

Photographers walking all around the stage taking pictures during songs, especially with red IR beam focussing or flash does not look good in performance videos.

Any photographers should be dressed all in black and be subtle and
as “ninja-like” as possible in their presence and movements.

The primary focus of the performers is on the music and entertaining the crowd,
but where possible occasionally smile at a camera, or do some singing to the camera.
This really adds a lot to the audience connection factor for subsequent viewers of the video.

Great energy produces a great video, smile and enjoy yourselves
it really comes across.


In Summary:

Audience Connection – no backs turned, no chatting, no looking side stage, no drinking from cans on amps, no bad language, look at a camera now and then, move around with
energy, SMILE and be seen having a good time.

Plenty of light is essential, bring along extra lighting to the gig if you have it, as well as a large black backdrop. Have someone mixing the sound for front of house and a lighting operator if possible.

Be Visible in the Light – Stand in the light, feel it on your face, do not go offstage into the crowd unless there is light on you.

Use Acoustic Drum Kits and Clean Guitars and Cymbals

Radiate Energy,  Enjoy Yourself, and Engage the Audience !

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