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How To Mashup Video

In this “How To” lesson we show you how to download MP4 footage as well as MP3 sound files off YouTube, and then using Adobe Premiere cut out pieces of these downloads and make your own customised clip; which in the trade is often called doing a “Mashup”.

This is an activity I give to my students as their first step towards learning how to use Adobe Premiere CC.

Even if you do not use Adobe Premiere as your video editor, the concepts and techniques covered in this “How To” lesson should easily be transferable to “Windows Movie Maker”, “Filmora”, “Camtasia”, and most other movie making software.

If you cannot afford an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription for Premiere, and want to look at using some “Free” Movie Making Software, then check out this article from Tech Radar:

Free Movie Making Software List and Review


Here is an example of a completed one and a half minute Mashup Video, called “The Simpson’s Top 5”:

Because I am a school teacher, and this video is for educational purposes, there is no Copyright Infringement involved here.

However, if you try to load your own MashUp to YouTube they will probably immediately red flag it as a copyright violation.
So by all means learn some Premiere using our tutorial about making a YouTube Mash Up, but do not load it up to the web anywhere.

The following PDF document takes you through step by step “How to Make a Mashup Compilation Video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6”.

Read the PDF of Instructions for Making a Mashup Video


How To Do Mashup Videos

We have also made a 20 minute “How To” video about using Adobe Premiere CC to make a Mashup Video.

(This is the first time PBP has used Camtasia to make a How To Video, and we plan to do more of this in the future).

If you have trouble with the instructions in the PDF, or would prefer to learn by watching a video, then use the “How To” video below.

We recommend watching the video on a 1920×1080 computer screen, and clicking on the “HD” on the player bar to set the video to 1080p, and then click on the 4 way arrows icon next to HD, to watch the video full screen. If you are using a Tablet, then perhaps choose the 720P setting in the pop up “HD” menu.
Press the Esc key at any time to exit from full screen view.


Our Mashup Tutorial is a great fun way to start learning how to use Adobe Premiere CC for making videos, and you could use the skills shown here to make a video slideshow of some photos, or your own Highlights Video which includes Title and Commentary slides that you have made using Photoshop, PowerPoint, or other software.

It also should give you the technical skills to edit up a video recorded Interview and/or live footage into a Project Video that could be used for Business Marketing or a School or College Video Assignment.

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